Do You Know Your Shoe Size???

Images: Google

Images: Google

Have you ever asked or thought to yourself what is my proper shoe size? It's surprising that most men don't really know their shoe size, nor how they are really suppose to fit. Majority of men are under the notion that if the shoe is snug and tight that it is too small. Others believe that the bigger the shoe the better the fit. Might I say to you that this way of thinking is all wrong. Guys this is just a quick tutorial on how to buy and wear the proper fitting shoes. Remember, it's the first thing that a woman sees.

Rule No. 1

If you don't know your size, you should go to your local shoe boutique and ask one of the specialist to measure your feet. You can also go to a shoe cobbler. Knowing the length and width of your feet makes a world of difference.

Rule No. 2

Once you find out your size try on several pairs and styles of shoes. I suggests trying on a pair of loafers, lace ups, boots and sneakers. 

Rule No. 3

Never buy a shoe that your heels come out of while walking even if its just a few blocks. One should never be able to stick his finger down the back of his shoes. This is a clear indication that you will have problems with your feet later down the road. 

Rule No. 4

If the shoe fits wear it. Shoes should always be a little snug and hug the feet. A key point to remember is that shoes will always stretch and conform to the shape of your feet if its leather. Shoes stretch widthwise never lengthwise. 

Rule No. 5

Purchase shoes that are considered classic, timeless and staple. Guys you will never go wrong if you follow this major rule. Remember, it's time to stand tall and walk strong.

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