A Look Through My Lense

Sometimes it's good to take a look from a different angle and perspective. What do I mean??? I'm so glad that you asked. I have within the last few years fallen in love with wearing eyeglasses strictly for fashion. It's a fetish that I've had for quite sometime. I love the fact that eyeglasses can add that special touch to one's look. In other words, it can enhance and embellish your overall aesthetic. After all, it's an accessory and we all know that  accessories are what completes the look. When I observe the way that one wears a pair of eyeglasses, particularly a maverick man, it makes you view, receive, and treat him differently. Especially, when the eyeglasses are striking and make a bold statement. Perhaps after reading this you want to change your eyewear and take it up a notch.

Here are a few tips: 

1. Get an eye exam before making an investment in a pair of eyeglasses. You want to make sure you have an accurate prescription. One should never wear oversized eyeglasses with thick lenses.

2. Choose a pair of eyeglasses that flatter the shape of your face as well as the complexion of your skin tone.

3. Consider your personality and/or your profession. The frame style shows a lot about your personality.

4. Always consider the color based on your eye and hair color. This will often help in choosing the proper frame. 

5. Consider your budget and contact your insurance carrier to see how much they will cover. 

6. Go for quality. If you can afford to wear designer eyeglasses then you should go for it.              

                                                                I Say Yes!

Images Courtesy of Google  #eyewear #fashionstatement #aesthetic #ISayYes

Images Courtesy of Google

#eyewear #fashionstatement #aesthetic #ISayYes

Image Courtesy of Google  #knowyourfaceshape #oval #round #heart #square  

Image Courtesy of Google

#knowyourfaceshape #oval #round #heart #square