A Conversation With Chef Lovejones

I recently had the wonderful pleasure and honor of sitting down with one of West Coast's exquisite chef's. This man is simply amazing in every essence of the word from the way he speaks, gets dressed, prepares food, and navigates throughout the city from day to day. And trust, his way of styling and presenting delicatessens is filled with an enormous amount of love. I introduce to you, Chef Rodney Lovejones. I asked Rodney a series of questions that related to the spectacular world of culinary arts. He offered answers that left me smiling when the conversation ended. 

TSM: What inspired you to become a chef? 

CL: My grandfather Samuel William Jones. He was a maverick man. He wore a suit to work everyday. He found pleasure in and enjoyed the taste of great food. Also, one of my influences was Joelle Nash, the former food editor of Essence magazine.

TSM: What's the first thing that you cooked? 

CL: The first thing I cooked was a pound cake. I was a little apprehensive because I didn't know how much vanilla to use. So, I actually decided to use rum. As a result, I decided to make my own vanilla by using different liqueurs. It was my own twist on pound cake. Since then, I've gone on to make all sorts of pastries. 

TSM:  Is there any particular dish, food or entree that you like to prepare more than others?

CL: Actually no. However, what I like to plate most are pastas. There not my favorite to cook. They just look really great when prepared with stir fry veggies. 

TSM: How would you say food relates to style?

CL: Currently I create gluten and soy free recipes which contribute to a healthy diet and lifestyle. These types of foods are ones than can be prepared beautifully. This within itself is a representation of style that speaks on many levels. It's very health conscious. 

TSM:  When you hear the word maverick, what's the first thing that comes to mind? 

CL:  Power of style. I think a maverick man is one who is fearless and doesn't make any apologies for his style. He is one that brings a powerful sense of style to whatever it may be. 

TSM: Well, there you have it. This has been such a wonderful maverick moment. Be on the lookout for this extraordinary chef. And, be sure to stop by his restaurant 2Good2B if you're ever in the west coast area.

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It's all in the details. Even food has style. Presentation is everything.


Chef Lovejones all dressed up to cook in style. 


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